Wicker, Hyde-Smith voice support for Supreme Court nominee

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This morning, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced the confirmation process of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett by a final vote of 12-0 — with all 10 Democrats on the committee boycotting the action. 

After a few more procedural steps over the weekend, the final confirmation vote is expected to take place on Monday. With Republicans in control of the chamber, it is presumed that Barrett will assume her place on the nation’s highest court following her nomination earlier this month. 

Mississippi Senators Roger Wicker & Cindy Hyde-Smith have each pledged to support Barrett’s confirmation, a pledge that each reaffirmed on the Senate floor Wednesday. 

“I have never witnessed a more impressive display of poise and knowledge and temperament in a candidate for the Supreme Court than I have witnessed during the confirmation process of [Judge Amy Coney Barrett]…I have five granddaughters, the oldest one is 10. I think Justice Amy Coney Barrett will prove to be an inspiration to these five granddaughters and to my grown daughters also,” Wicker said. 

“Judge Barrett proved to the American people that she is prepared, talented, compassionate, and not to mention, brilliant.  Judge Barrett demonstrated that she is an independent individual who can think for herself.  She made clear she is an originalist who will follow the rule of law.

Without a single note or binder in front of her, Judge Barrett repeatedly affirmed that she would interpret the Constitution and laws passed by Congress as they are written—no more, no less,” Hyde-Smith said. 

A simple majority is needed to confirm Barrett to the lifetime appointment on the court.

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