NFIB requests removal of accelerated tax for small businesses

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On Tuesday, National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) director Dawn Starns joined The JT Show in order to provide an update on the state’s small businesses.

“We have got a lot of folks who are very excited about reopening and also making the most of their PPP loans and getting back open,” Starns, who represents Mississippi and Louisiana, said. “Our members are looking forward to the latter part of the year. They are actually really optimistic surprisingly.”

While small businesses across the state are beginning to reopen under state-issued restrictions, money nevertheless remains an issue. Starns and her team at the NFIB have realized this and requested that the Mississippi Legislature temporarily admonish the accelerated tax payment due this month.

“We are hopeful to get an amendment to a piece of legislature that’s sitting in the senate that would actually help take the burden off the small business owners who may not be able to afford that right now,” Starns explained. “Small businesses can’t operate without local government’s support and services and state government’s support and services.”

When asked whether she believes the legislature will pass the bill, Starns was cautiously optimistic.

“They are thinking about it. It hasn’t been a total shut down, but they’re wanting to have a better sense of how it will affect the budget,” Starns said.

Lawmakers have already passed a $300 million grant that would go to small businesses which Starns is grateful for, however, she believes the disintegration of this year’s accelerated tax payment could ultimately save businesses.

“This could be the difference for a small business owner this month for being able to stay open or not to stay open.”

To hear more about Starns’ efforts, check out the video below.

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