MSGOP Party Leadership Announced

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Delegates to the Mississippi Republican State Convention, held August 1, elected Party leadership for the next four years.

“The reorganization of our Party through the Convention process is an important time for Mississippi Republicans,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “I congratulate all who were chosen to serve as leaders in the Mississippi Republican Party for the next four years and look forward to working with them to continue advancing our Party’s cause throughout Mississippi. I also congratulate Chairman Lucian Smith and Executive Director Marcy Scoggins on a successful convention.”

Lucien Smith (Image courtesy of the Mississippi Republican Party)

“Under the leadership of Governor Reeves, the Mississippi Republican Party (MSGOP) is as strong as it has ever been and Mississippi’s future is as bright as ever as a result,” Chairman Lucien Smith said. “Mississippians understand the Republican Party is the only conservative party in our state and nation, so it is no surprise that we have made such huge gains these last several years.  Grassroots leaders are key in the effort to ensure the government bodies in Mississippi—from the courthouse to the statehouse—are run by principled conservatives.”

National Committeeman and Committeewoman

The MSGOP National Committeeman is Henry Barbour. The MSGOP National Committeewoman is Jeanne Luckey.

The National Committeeman and Committeewoman represent the MSGOP to the Republican National Committee and vote for the chair and co-chair of the RNC. They also vote on important RNC business like the national Party Platform, rules, and resolutions.

Presidential Electors

MSGOP Presidential Electors are Franc Lee, Frank Bordeaux, Bruce Martin, Johnny McRight, Terry Reeves, and John Dane, III.

Presidential Electors are responsible for casting Mississippi’s electoral votes for president of the United States. Each state determines, by statute, how its electoral votes will be apportioned. In Mississippi, a “winner take all” system is used. The presidential candidate who receives the most popular votes in Mississippi is entitled to the state’s six votes in the Electoral College.

MSGOP State Executive Committee

The MSGOP State Executive Committee is part of the MSGOP governing body. The State Executive Committee certifies all primary candidates and primary election results and is comprised of 13  members each from Mississippi’s four congressional districts. Members serve a single term of four years.

1st Congressional District: 

Shannon Bibbee, DeSoto County; Faye Dillard, Pontotoc County; Keith Heard, Lowndes County; Edward Holliday, Lee County; Ellen Jernigan, DeSoto County; Sue Morrisson, Union County; Pat Nozinich, Tate County; Kim Remak, DeSoto County; Donna Ruth Roberts, Lafayette County; Jimmy Stephens, Lee County; DuJuana Thompson, Alcorn County; Giles Ward, Winston County; and Neil Whaley, Marshall County.

2nd Congressional District: 

Eric Biedenharn, Warren County; Phil Buffington, Madison County; Lydia Chassaniol, Montgomery County; Betty Coleman, Washington County; John Dean, Jr., Washington County; Blake Ferretti, Bolivar County; Webster Franklin, Tunica County; J.R. Jones, Hinds County; John Phillip Land, Bolivar County; Nat McMullan, Coahoma County; Barbara Rooks-Jackson, Hinds County; Ken Strachan, Carroll County; and Liles Williams, Hinds County.

3rd Congressional District: 

Paul Brown, Adams County; Beau Cox, Rankin County; Donnie Caughman, Simpson County; Beth Hamilton, Hinds County; Marnita Henderson, Oktibbeha County; Reneé Lambert, Madison County; Franc Lee, Rankin County; Tyler Norman, Lauderdale County; John Roberts, Lincoln County; Marcy Scoggins, Madison County; Cheryl Sparkman, Kemper County; Dana Stringer, Rankin County; and Matt Sullivan, Smith County;

4th Congressional District 

Derek Arrington, Forrest County; Cheryl Cranford, Lamar County; Vivian Dailey, Jackson County; Mike Ezell, Jackson County; Nell Frisbie, Hancock County; Frank Genzer, Harrison County; Jeff Howell, George County; Sandra McKiernon, Jackson County; John Parker, Jones County; Kay Patterson, Marion County; Brandon Payne, Harrison County; Wayne Tisdale, Harrison County; and Mike Tyson, Pearl River County.

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