Mississippi legislative session suspended due to coronavirus

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After tomorrow morning, the Mississippi Legislature will suspend all activities for a period of time.

During a press conference, Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann and Speaker of the House Philip Gunn announced, upon the recommendation of the State Health Department, the suspension of the 2020 legislative session as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

April 1st has been announced as the tentative date for the session to resume with Gunn stating that they’ll continue to discuss the situation with State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs. 

Earlier today, both the House and Senate passed similar bills that give local governments and school districts the ability to grant their employees paid leave as the virus forces closures across the state. The House also passed the resolution to suspend the session, and after passing their bills, they adjourned. 

Because of an objection in the House, immediate release was not granted. This means that the Senate has to wait until tomorrow to take up both bills. After they complete their business on Wednesday, the session will officially be suspended. 

In a statement, Lt. Governor Hosemann spoke with optimism as he looked toward the future.

“Our immediate goal is to follow the President and the State Health Officer’s recommendations in regard to COVID-19, and make sure everyone who is working and visiting our State Capitol stays healthy and safe.

I want to speak clearly as to the future.  We will continue to plant and harvest the food which feeds us and the world.  We will build the cars which transport us.  We will build ships which defend us. Our schools will continue to educate our children. We will again join our friends, families, and our neighbors at our sporting events, restaurants, and churches.

In short, our lives will return to normal.

These challenges are temporary, but our resolve is permanent.”

Gunn and Hosemann noted that they will work closely with one another to determine when it is appropriate to return.

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