Mississippi Blood Services needs your help as donations slow

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Mississippi Blood Services needs your help in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Before one case of COVID-19 had been confirmed in Mississippi, the organization knew that its potential spread across the state could have a profound impact on its supply. With over 2,000 cases and in the midst of a shelter in place order, MBS has had to cancel over 100 blood drives across the state. 

David Allen, President and CEO of MBS, stated that donations were down 48% this week and reminded everyone that blood donation is considered an essential activity during the shelter in place order. 

“We need blood donors,” he said. “The need for blood hasn’t stopped because of this virus and we need to continue to get people to come in, so we can meet the needs of the hospitals.”

Allen also stressed that safety is always a top priority at MBS and that the blood donation process is safer than ever with extra precautions being taken at donation locations. 

Congressman Michael Guest gave blood today and encouraged those who are healthy to do the same. 

“People are often talking about ‘what can I do during this particular time to help people in my community?’ This is one of the major things you can do and it takes just a few minutes,” he said.

For more information on where you can go to donate blood, click here. 

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