Hurst announces results of Jackson crime operation

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U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst and U.S. Marshal Mark Shepherd have announced the results of a recent U.S. Marshals-led anti-violent crime operation in the City of Jackson.

The crackdown, which involved both the U.S. Marshals Service and various state law enforcement agencies, proved to be a success.

The four-day operation consisted of 26 arrests–five of which were murderers–plus the seizure of stolen cars, multiple guns and drugs.

“I appreciate and commend the U.S. Marshals and their law enforcement partners for acting so swiftly and decisively in getting murderers, sex offenders, arsonists, and other violent criminals off our streets,” Hurst said. “Because of their actions, and the work of their state and local partners, the citizens of Jackson are safer today.”

Hurst noted the efficiency of his department’s Project EJECT (Empower Justice Expel Crime Together) initiative since its launching in December of 2017, yet he also said the city of Jackson can do better, ultimately blaming local judges and politicians.

“If you come into the federal system, you can expect to be sitting in a jail cell until your trial, so I would ask if any judges have any information that these individuals are dangerous to please, please, please just follow  the law,” Hurst said in a Monday press conference.

“To the politicians, quit denying there’s a gun problem in Jackson,” Hurst continued. “Quit denying there’s a crime problem, a drug problem, a gang problem in our capital city.”

As of December 23, there have been 79 homicides this year in Jackson, in comparison to last year’s record-breaking 84.


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