Former Ole Miss Coach Wins Republican Nod for Senate in Alabama

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Former Ole Miss and Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville defeated Former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in an Alabama Senate GOP Primary run-off on Tuesday.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on “Fox and Friends”, Tuberville said he is running for the right reasons. “I want to be a part of what’s going to happen in the next few years when we get President Trump re-elected.  We have to keep the Senate.”

Tuberville continued by saying, “I’m telling everybody, this country is in trouble and we better get control of this country from Washington DC on down to the local government. We’ve got to get jobs back in the state of Alabama and all over the country. You know, I’ve traveled this country for the last 30 years recruiting, and going into businesses, schools, and going into the rural areas, and the urban areas.  The big thing we’ve done is we’ve sold our country out to China and foreign countries.”

Tuberville was endorsed by President Trump who blasted Sessions repeatedly for recusing himself from the Russia Probe.  Sessions conceded the race and encouraged fellow Republicans to support Tuberville.  Sessions said, “The people of Alabama have spoken.  They want a new leader, a new fresh face to go to Washington.  I think we’re going to have that.  He is our Republican nominee.  We must stand behind him in November.” 

Tuberville, who coached at the University of Mississippi from  1995 to 1998,  advances to the General Election in November as the Republican candidate set to take on incumbent Alabama Democratic Senator Doug Jones.

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