“Fake” letter from Governor making the rounds on social media

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A “letter” claiming to be from the governor’s office is circulating on social media.

A Facebook post from the Mississippi Emergency Agency warns the letter is a FAKE and advises Mississippi residents to stay up to date with the latest executive orders posted on the Secretary of State’s website.

The agency says any major changes will be addressed in a press conference and through an updated executive order.

Image courtesy of the Mississippi Emergency Management AgencyHere is the full text of the “fake” letter:

This is a formal letter to all of the Residents and Business in Mississippi, the beginning of October 2020 the statewide mask requirements will be abolished,” the post reads. “Meaning that it will no longer required to wear them in the state of Mississippi. NO BUSINESS can refuse your entry with out a mask on.

All business are hereby ordered to take down all facemasks must be worn on or in they establishments.

This Executive Order has been Signed and Sealed this 17th Day of September in the Year of 2020.”

The current statewide mask mandate is set to expire on Wednesday but could be extended if Governor Reeves chooses to do so.

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