Bill Of The Week: SCR 511

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What is this and how can it affect you?

Democratic Senator of District 29, David Blount, has introduced a bill to amend Mississippi’s constitution and remove the electoral vote.

Some might ask, “What does that even mean?”

Well, the way it is now, without the amendments asking to be made, in the case of a runoff for Governor, the vote goes to the House of Representatives to make the decision on who will win the race with electoral votes.

Senator Blount is asking to amend Section 140 and repeal Sections 141 and 142.

Making it where the decision be left to the people of Mississippi and the candidate with the highest popular vote will win the title as Governor.

The bill was introduced on January 20, 2020, and will now go to the appropriate committee to overlook and see if any changes need to be made before going further.

This will be developing further.


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